School Facilities

LAMIS creates a safe and supportive school environment for children to learn safely and comfortably. LAMIS provides

  • Well-managed classrooms,
  • Spacious school library with extensive collections of books for children and parents.
  • School clinic with experienced health professionals,
  • Science Labs,
  • Multi-purpose Hall,
  • Conference Hall,
  • Sport Facilities such as basketball, swimming pool, football, table tennis etc.,
  • Art Room,
  • Music Room,
  • Clean and Hygienic Canteen and others.      


Safety of Children

We, LAMIS, take seriously the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. LAMIS implies strict “Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies” for all sort of safety issues of children.

 All of our staffs are trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to all safeguarding concerns. Our staffs understand and implement the Safeguarding policy and its procedures both within and outside of normal school hours including activities away from school.

CCTVs cover every room and corner of the school building and campus. All students, staff members, parents and visitors must register at the school gate in order to pass the security turnstiles.

Moreover, appropriate safeguarding and duty checks upon visiting speakers and other visitors will be made and recorded.