About Us

Founder’s aspiration

I have had a dream to build a well facilitated and resourceful school for the new generation in our country for the past 20 years. I have had this dream since I was 20 years old as I want to provide the opportunity that I never had to the young people. I have kept this dream alive and now it becomes a reality.

I came from a humble background but my heart is rich which I inherited from my parents. They wanted nothing but the best for me. Now that I, myself, am a parent, I truly know the hearts of parents in our country and their richest dreams and wishes for their children. This inspires me to implement my dream school. This is the birth story of our school, Leading Asia Myanmar International School, a loving environment for all our new generations.

Welcome Speech from LAMIS

Dear Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the Director at Leading Asia Myanmar International School.

Since I first visited Myanmar just 3 over years ago I quickly fell in love with the country and its people. Rarely have I ever been made to feel so welcome and to experience such openness and welcoming hospitality as I do in Myanmar.

I am Australian and began my international career in Dubai. I have led schools and education projects in more than 20 different countries including the USA, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, many parts of the Middle East and more recently Africa. I have led all major school curriculums but IB is without doubt the one that is my greatest passion.

What excites me most excited about Leading Asia Myanmar International School is the founders’ vision for creating the finest IB school in the region. Together we will create a school that prepares children for a rapidly changing world. It is a new world that requires children to be globally-minded, critical thinkers. We need children to be academically smart but also to be able to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts.

We have outstanding teachers who put children at the centre of all they do. We have a close community that welcomes genuine connections between school management, teachers, and families. I look forward to meeting all of our wonderful families and to help ensure the pathways forward for our children are the very best they can be.

Your choice to educate your children at Leading Asian Myanmar International School is the best decision you could make for your children.

Greg Parry

Preparing students to be active participants in a lifelong journey of learning

Leading Asia Myanmar International School focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

The LAMIS’s Education Programme

  • Addresses students’ academic, social and emotional well-being.
  • Encourages students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Supports students’ efforts to gain understanding of the world and to function comfortably within it.
  • Helps students establish personal values as a foundation upon which global-mindedness will develop and flourish.

Classes for 2022-2023 Academic Year

  • Nursery           : students from 2 to 4 years old.
  • Pre-KG            : students from 4 to 5 years old.
  • KG                   : students from 5 to 6 years old.
  • Grade 1           : students from 6 to 7 years old.
  • Grade 2           : students from 7 to 8 years old.
  • Grade 3           : students from 8 to 9 years old.
  • Grade 4           : students from 9 to 10 years old.
  • Grade 5           : students from 10 to 11 years old.
  • Grade 6           : students from 11 to 12 years old.
  • Grade 7           : students from 12 to 13 years old.
  • Grade 8           : students from 13 to 14 years old.

Subject areas for Nursery Level

  • Communication and Language Development
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
  • Literacy Development
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Subject groups for Primary Years Programme

  • Language (English)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies (history, geography, and economic)
  • Arts
  • Personal, social, and physical education
  • Burmese culture, heritage, and social values
  • Additional Language (Burmese and Mandarin)

Subject groups for Middle Years Programme

  • Language acquisition
  • Language and literature
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Arts
  • Individuals and societies
  • Physical and health education
  • Design
  • Burmese culture, heritage, social values, and civic education


Assessments take place continuously and are happening all the time at LAMIS. Leading Asia Myanmar International School use the following assessment strategies and tools:

  • Observations
  • Performance Assessments
  • Process-Focused Assessments
  • Selected Responses and
  • Open-ended tasks.


LAMIS facilitates the learning of at least two languages through its inclusion of both English and Burmese in the established curriculum. Teaching of both languages is tailored to the learning needs of the students; students learn about and through LAMIS’s curricular languages, their Mother tongues, and their additional languages.

English is the language of instruction for all classes with the exception of Burmese classes.

At LAMIS, Burmese is taught to all students, either as an Additional Language or as a Mother Tongue, according to the need of each student. In Burmese classes, teachers and students use a combination of English and Burmese.

In addition, the school facilitates after-school classes for additional languages.

Communications with parents

Our variety of Communication Channels will encourage parents to involve in every steps of the children’s learning process and will be always be ready to address any questions or concerns as soon as they arise. We communicate on a regular basis with parents through following the methods;

  • Meetings with teacher/head of school or member of the senior management committee
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Communication Book
  • Weekly, Monthly and Annual Newsletters
  • Email
  • Portfolios
  • Report Cards
  • Student-Led Conferences

Why Leading Asia Myanmar International School?



LAMIS is the first and only IB World School in Mandalay, offering Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and Diploma Program. 


LAMIS offers world class education that can lead students to elite universities and institutions around the world from PYP through to the DP program.


Our teachers and staff are also lB trained and graduates from world renowned universities who nurture and develop our young children. Everyone at Leading Asia Myanmar is passionate about education and best practice learning environments.


Our school campus facilitates best practice through quality classrooms, smart learning resources, sports facilities and equipment, playgrounds, and safe environment for young learners.


Our Vision
  • The voice of our children we listen,
  • The heartbeats of parents we care,
  • The values of our age we shape,
  • LAMIS stands for the goals for all.

Our Mission

  • Leading Asia Myanmar International School is highly committed to co-create a bright future for our students, their parents and our motherland as a leading educational institution by providing a global standard of education.


  • We Are The Voice Of the World.

  • We Are the Face of The World.

  • We are The Future of The World.